Fully finished atmosphere engine. 
Added new raleigh scattering.
098r1 version availble for closed beta team. 

-Added weather theme "CAVOK". Clear all weather and disabling weather themes.  
-Added shader machine logic ##BETA  
-Added auto-reloader for simulator -Changed plugin loading system  
-Finished atmosphere engine.

-finished cloud rendering model.  
-added 2 rendering types: simple/detailed  
-added cloud opacity control.  
-killed slider "near cloud brightness" -added multi layers support


-added slider: "SPHERE SATURATION". Slider control saturation of atmosphere.  
-removed slider: "MIE SCATTERING". This parameter automaticly calculated.  
-added "raleigh scattering effect". Fixes bad sunsets.  
-reworked sliders moving mode.  
-added air density offset  
-reworked air density calculation logic. added altitude offset.

-added shaders machine. 
-added atmosphere shaders, cloud shaders. 
-added post-processing. You don't need blue fx more. 
-added apostraphs for parameters: "global shadow quality". 
-added auto-save for UI. 
-added checkbox "Post processing" -added checkbox "Kill sun after sunset" 
-added checkbox "Extra terrain rendering" [LIGHTS RENDERING] 
-killed checkbox "LIGHTS CONNECTED TO HDR" 
-kllled slider "effects" 
-added slider "bloom power" 
-added slider "bloom effect scale" 
-added logic for lightning rendering

-added fully 16 new sun 
-added fully 16 new skycolors -added fully 16 new clouds 
-added real controls for "SKY TEXTURE GAIN"